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EXPERTS: Embark on an expert-guided journey through the Vredefort Dome, the world’s best preserved large meteorite crater, rich in history and geological wonders.

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EARTH: Dive deep into the story of Earth’s evolution, as you explore the intersections of geology, physics, and ecology.

A Day In the Dome

DISCOVER: Our immersive experiences offer students and university groups an unparalleled opportunity to learn, discover, and connect with the natural world.


SAFETY is one of our major concerns during activities and we provide risk assessments and advice to trip organisers.


CAREERS: Join us to explore careers in science, conservation, and tourism, and let curiosity lead the way to a deeper understanding of our planet’s past and future.

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World Heritage Sites form part of SA school curricula, while students at university level benefit from exposure to the geology, history and conservation issues surrounding the Dome.

Find out what we can show you and where we can take you in the very large area that is the crater. We provide knowledge and understanding plus activities for experiential learning.

The Dome

This is the best preserved and largest impact crater so far found on Earth. Right in the heart of South Africa it offers an outdoor classroom second to none. Though famous, it is little understood because such large craters are hard to see – they can only be seen as a whole from orbit.

Our mission is to explain and explore, taking you with us on a journey of discovery. From the ancient Earth to modern times, from geology and the gold rush to cultures and conflicts, the Dome is a world in microcosm.

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Events are run by AsAfrica, an education provider for schools and universities. 

Originally AsAfrica was launched to provide tour guide training and assessments for legal certification, and to offer career advisors for youth.  Our scope has broadened to include educational events and research.

AsAfrica was founded in 2008 by Graeme Addison, Professor of Communication and the man who started river rafting in South Africa. Addison is the author of several books and academic articles on adventure and ecotourism.

AsAfrica operates mainly from our base on the Vaal River near Parys, South Africa but also uses other venues. Over the years, many hundreds of learners and student groups have joined us for workshops, courses and outdoor adventures.

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