Interested in visiting Vredefort Dome with a group of school going learners or university students?

Discuss your plans with us and we can provide advice for a fruitful visit. Contact us through a call, message, or this website.  We are keen to accommodate your wishes and make them a reality.

Information needed

Give us details about the learners/students (age, level, gender) and subjects studied. Use the information form here.

  • Type of program desired (one day, two days, overnight).
  • Number of participants and educators, preferred dates.
  • Broad outcomes sought from the visit.

References and Inspection:

We encourage of due diligence in selecting us as your service provider. Ask anything you want to know about health and safety standards; the qualifications of ou people; our facilities, equipment, accommodation, or catering; and our record in serving groups like yours.

We are truly confident that our past performance speaks for itself and will win your confidence and trust.

Programme Design:

We design events based on your detailed requirements. Content may be customized or selected from existing resources.

There is continuous communication to ensure programme alignment with educational goals. We request that where certain curricula are involved, you send us the outlines.

Stakeholder Communication:

Obviously you may need to explain the proposals to stakeholders (parents, funders, management, officials). We would furnish you with informative materials and cost breakdowns.

We usually supply a colourful leaflet to publicize the event.

It is a requirement that you obtain parental signatures for minors’ participation, using our Indemnity form. Those over 18 sign for themselves when here.

Long-term Relationship:

We hope to establish sustained interactions with you and your institution, based on satisfactory performance.

Overall we are keen to design a successful programme with you.