We provide briefings and activities for classes at all levels from primary to secondary and tertiary education.

We can cover many subjects such as geography (including hydrology and geomorphology), physical science (including cosmology, Newtonian physics and scientific methodology), ecology (nature and the environment), history (South Africa, cultures and events), geology (rock types, meteorite sites), and life skills (leadership, communication, teamwork).

Educator Packs

The Training Out of the Classroom (TOC) is experiential and we provide educator packs to carry the learning forward. After your visit, stay in touch and we can always arrange further educationals in related subjects.

We provide summary notes for all participants in classes and excursions. These are explained in talks and there are feedback sessions to reinforce learning.


Prof Graeme Addison, former communications head at the University of the North West and is now a full-time writer on popular science. As a qualified Dome Guide and National Adventure Guide he supervises and often leads tours.

Graeme’s wife Karen Addison is a former teacher and also a Dome and Adventure guide. The couple have trained numerous local guides who assist, for example with language translation and safety, trail support and challenges.

Our Location

We are in the heart of the Vredefort Dome UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Our conference and activities centre is just outside Parys, an hour south of Johannesburg, on the Vaal River at Otters Haunt Eco Retreat. We have training and adventure facilities and we use localities in the Dome and Bergland for activities such as hiking and rafting.

Your Programme

Our strength is research and the development of customised materials to meet your needs.

We assist with planning and can brief your organiser on how to go about setting up the transport and logistics for a visit.

Contact Adventure Standards Africa to discuss what you have in mind. We design a programme to suit your needs. We supply a customized leaflet about your planned visit to show to educators and parents. We can let you have references from schools and tertiary groups that have been with us.


Events take the form of illustrated talks with videos, project fieldwork, physical challenges and teambuilding, driving or hiking to viewsites, or exploring the river environment.

Your programme can be designed to include hikes to viewpoints, rafting the rapids, canoeing on easy stretches of the river, and overnight camping. Youths do not learn by attending classes only: nature has much to teach.


Prices are set according to the preparation required for customized visits. We do have some off the shelf materials such as Grade 1-12 Hydrology, or Rock Types and Geomorphology. Other materials are developed to suit you.

Remember, we can assist your organiser in planning and costing the visit. Just ask.

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