When you book your visit with AsAfrica we prepare handout notes for the participants. These go with the presentations that facilitators make in the conference room, or with demonstrations in the field.  Below are some typical handouts (blurred for obvious reasons).

Educators meanwhile receive free access to our online teacher packs which may be used freely in class to follow up on your visit.


Geomorphology & Rock Types
Water cycle and rivers


No two visiting groups have exactly the same curriculum needs, so we develop the online resource to suit you. It is usually placed on DropBox for easy access (no software required). The link can be shared with other educators in the same institution but not with others elsewhere.


Groups visiting us for a day or two enjoy themselves and gain valuable impressions and knowledge. However, our primary goal is to ensure a deep understanding of the subject matter, such as geomorphology or physical science. Visits lacking documentation are unlikely to enhance learners’ comprehension of scientific concepts. To support experiential learning during the visit, we offer handouts and provide teacher packs for reinforcement in the classroom.