1.  Expectations. We provide a professional service using qualified guides and experienced educators. You need to advise us in detail about what is expected and what outcomes you aim for. Provide information about the subject matter, Grade level, and what you wish to be covered. We can send an outline of the proposed educational programme for your attention.
  2. Information. Most educators and parents will want to know what the programme consists of. We prepare a leaflet (also available online) to distribute to all parties. This covers the itinerary and special details such as outdoor activities and accommodation (if any is required). You need to ensure everyone is aware of the programme.
  3. Safety is our top priority. All groups are supervised at all times and given safety briefings. They are correctly equipped for outdoor activities. You need to inform us about any disabilities or other factors that may affect our planning and co-ordination. in particular your educators accompanying tours must remain vigilant and draw our attention to any concerning situation.
  4. Indemnity. All participants must be covered by our Informed Consent and Indemnity, signed by parents or guardians for minors under 18, and personally signed by others. The forms for parents are sent out in advance and must be signed and brought on the day. Participants over 18 sign at the venue. You need to provide us with list of those attending in order to check against signed forms. Anyone who is not signed is not allowed to take part.
  5. Payments. Based on your order for the tour, we issue a quotation and once this is accepted we submit an invoice. The non-refundable deposit is 30% of the total and must be paid to secure your date and booking. The balance is usually due 21 days in advance. We are aware of bureaucratic requirements for schools to obtain funding and permissions and can be flexible. But no tour is provided unless full payment has been received and cleared in our bank.
  6. Adjustments. The invoicing and payments reflect your original confirmed order. If numbers rise or fall, we make the necessary adjustments and bill you accordingly. All pricing is based on a sliding scale of discounts related to the number of participants. The price per head goes up with fewer participants, and where your numbers drop the group is charged and a new invoice issued on the price stated in the sliding scale.
  7. Extras. We do not organise your transport but we can advise on how to go about booking and costing a third party supplier. Normally the day visits are self-catered with learners bringing their own refreshments and lunches but we can organise catering on request. On multi day tours with overnight accommodation, catering is generally provided but you have the option to self-cater at certain of the venues we use.
  8. Other. Anything not mentioned above can be queried with us and we are happy to offer solutions.
  9. Cancellations. 
    1. Deposits are non-refundable
    2. Cancellation over 21 days, the deposit is held.
    3. Cancellation under 21 days, the full fees are due. We will discuss a postponement with a possible admin fee.
    4. Disputes will first be negotiated amicably, but if there is no resolution we will seek am independent arbitrator and only in the last resort bring an action. All transactions and agreements are deemed to take place in the magisterial district of Parys.
  10.  Liability. We are covered by public liability insurance. While every effort is made to ensure the safety and enjoyment of participants, we accept no responsibility for any inconvenience, loss, incident, accident, injury or death arising from the actions of participants or others. We follow standard operating procedures to safeguard groups and exercise duty of care in organising and running activities. Our premises and facilities are regularly checked for health and safety. Our facilitators, guides, helpers and agents are committed to a safety culture.