Hiking is the most popular option for experential learning. School groups encounter the real environment outsde of books and talks. Hikes are professionally led for safety at all times.

No visit to the Dome is complete without a hike or river trip. The educational value of these activities cannot be underestimated. They turn classroom lessons into real experiences, memories that serve learners well when it comes to projects and exams.

Group sizes

Groups range from a handful to up to 200, after which it becomes unwieldy to manage them. A special aspect of our activities is that we are training guides for careers.  Trainees work with groups under the supervision of senior staff.

Tourism trainees and guides


It’s fun to take a break from the classroom and get out for some exercise. To supplement the talks, demonstrations and exercises, we offer half-day and fullday excursions in the great outdoors. Programmes may be one, two or three days with accommodation, packed lunches and evening videos.

Fun and safety. River trips are wonderful for team spirit but also strictly managed for water safety. All participants are properly equipped and supervised at all times.

Adventure Based Learning

How does outdoor adventure achieve experiential learning among youth? Rafting, canoeing, hiking, wall climbing, abseiling and other personal and team challenges increase understanding of nature and our place in it.

ABL is the term to describe what we aim for. Outdoor challenges foster self-awareness and group co-operation. For example:

  • RAFTING the Vaal River teaches participants about water flow (hydrology), pollution (water quality),  how the landscape is shaped by natural forces (geomorphology) and – about teamwork and problem solving (life skills).
  • HIKING in the Dome Bergland Hiking has many benefits for schoolgoers and young adults, especially those accustomed to urban landscapes. Venturing into the great outdoors not only provides physical exercise but also invigorates the mind with a newfound appreciation for nature’s wonders.
  • ADVENTURE is an escape from the confines of concrete jungles. Participants are exposed to diverse landscapes, ecosystems, and wildlife, fostering awareness and conservation values while building confidence.

Dome outings provide a practical approach to bringing subject matter to life. By engaging all five senses, participants interact with nature and each other, leaving with new knowledge and a sense of excitement.

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