At AsAfrica we take the safety of participants very seriously.  Ours is a safety culture from top to bottom, involving all staff and helpers.

Our base is a large riverside property on the Vaal with accommodation and conferencing facilities. We are surrounded by the mountains and open plains of the Vredefort Dome UNESCO World Heritage Site with ample scope for land and water activities. We take all possible precautions in this environment. Before using other venues we ensure that risk assessments are done.

The object of activities is to enjoy and learn by doing. Accidents must be avoided and we apply numerous safety protocols to protect everyone.

RISK: We carry out regular risk assessments and constantly check facilitator skills and awareness.  Equipment, vehicles, and all facilities are monitored for faults.

INSPECTION: Organisers of trips are welcome to carry out due diligence by visiting us to see the facilities, meet staff, and inform themselves about our practices and standards.

PROGRAMMES are worked out in consultation with the organiser of the visit. Activities are adjusted for the age, outdoor experience and interests of participants.

ASSOCIATIONS: We are members of the South African Adventure Industry Association (SA-AIA) and subscribe to its code of ethics. Our river equipment is licensed by the SA Marine Safety Authority (SAMSA). We are members of the African Paddling Association.

GUIDES: Our trip leaders are certified by Cathsseta, the statutory education and training authority for tourism. Lead guides and educational facilitators are trained professionals holding Wilderness First Aid Level 3.

INFORMED CONSENT:  Our safety briefings explain what is involved in the activities. Participants are made aware of any dangers and told what to look out for. The indemnity signed by parents or guardians includes this explanation so that they give Informed Consent to allow their minors to take part. Those over the age of 18 sign for themselves.

DUTY OF CARE: Our staff and freelancers are trained and qualified, and are coached the Duty of Care (which corresponds to the rights of participants).   Groups are fully supervised and any troublesome behaviour among groups is noted and controlled. Records of activities are carefully kept .

INSURANCE: We are insured by Widesure, annually renewed and covering third party liability.

Further information about our safety standards and practices is provided to schools and other clients.