A strong team with varied accomplishments
Graeme Addison in the field on a Dome tour

Graeme Addison is the author of books on popular science and is former Professor of Communication at the University of the North West, South Africa.  Graeme is a National Tour Guide and is passionate about the origins of the Earth and human evolution.

Karen Addison with tourism students on a tour by the University of the North West

Karen Addison taught at primary school level including and is specialsed in educating the deaf.  She is a keen environmentalist and a qualified Vredefort Dome Tour guide.

Tour guides in training

Local guides are trained by Graeme and Karen to assist on school tours and become qualified for careers in tourism.

Free State conservation officer Gustav Engelbrecht with a film crew from the History Channel

Associates include other registered tour guides in the Dome and field guides with regional knowledge of wildlife, ecology, cultures and landforms.